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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Clam Shell and "Wrap Rage!"

Cece grew up on Long Island and as a girl learned the fine art of digging clams and mussels. If you have ever tired to pry open a clam shell, you will know that it takes patience and finesse…and a specific type of knife!  And so it was, that Cece discovered recently that the packaging that her GPS came in what is called “A Clam shell.”
Cece is not sure if you have read her previous  post on trying to get her new GPS out of its packaging. To summarize:
“Well. I got my GPS home and began to open the boxes and packaging. That took me almost 2 hours…yes, I did say 2 hours. Have you ever tried to open one of those theft resistant plastic packages?  I contemplated calling the bomb squad to blow it open…but I kept telling myself to be a big girl and struggle through it…and that this packaging would not get the best of me! I contemplated using my teeth, but my mother told me never to use my teeth as a tool! I tried knives,…both serrated and regular, a screw driver, scissors, a butter knife to try to pry it open and finally after several attempts with a serrated mega shear….I was able to almost sheer it open,…and glory be, I did not cut myself in the process!”
Sometimes when you spend hours being  frustrated by a plastic  box, you think that you are the only person with this problem…but Cece is finding out, as usual, that she is not unique!  Evidentely, many people need to resort to dastardly methods to get things out of those clam shells. And, there is even a word for this….”wrap rage!”
But thankfully, there is a solution on the horizon!  These clam shell packages are very expensive. They are petroleum based… so when the price of oil goes up, so do the prices of the clam shells! They are also not eco friendly and of course they provide the most calm person with “Wrap rage.” Many have complained and companies are now trying to develop a more environmental and soothing “green” wrapper to put these theft worthy products in. Some ideas include going back to paper and putting a laminate on top so that it is hard to tear and will deter shoplifters.
So, we can only hope that new products will continue to be developed that will make it much easier to unwrap that wonderful gift that you were given…and put a smile on your face instead of having hours of wrap rage!