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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Love Garden

 Today was the big event we have been cooking for!  Yun's dad's 80th birthday party!  Even though we have the big Wallow fire still burning strongly, the air quality today seemed surprisingly good although you can see the lingering smoke in the air in the picture below.

Yun's idea about the love garden was an idea that people did love and her dad was gifted with lavender, rosemary, a beautiful spreading poppy and some chocolate daisies, and many others. This picture is very early on at the party.
 Yun's dad cooked up some delicious eggs rolls and Chinese noodles and people brought in lots of food.
 Everyone agreed that Jamey's lasagne rocked the house!
At high noon, Yun toasted her dad with her friends and wished  him happy birthday in Chinese!  Everyone was happy!

It was a wonderful day with friend's sharing food and love!  What could be better?