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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oddles of Noodles.... or ....Cooking with a Friend!

Cece and Yun met cycling.  Cece and Jamey met on the yoga mat and then discovered they both it seemed good that Jamey and Cece should cook together for Yun's Dad's party even though  Yun and Jamey had not met yet.  Yun and Cece already knew that Jamey would be an instant friend!

So, the new friends  planned to make homemade sauce, a cranberry apple pie and then some lasagne.  But when Jamey arrived, she had on a beautiful white skirt.  Cece thought…,”hugh!  This is not going to go well while making sauce.”   She envisioned the beautiful skirt spattered with bubbling spots of sauce.  NOT.  Cece had a remedy!  She dug into her pot holder drawer…way down at the bottom and pulled out her ex-ex boyfriend’s apron that he had left behind.  Jamey put in on and was ready to roll!
Jamey flirted with the idea of writing a food blog called “Learning to cook at 45″ but Cece thinks, that Jamey may be underestimating her cooking skills.  She seemed to do very well in the kitchen!  It was Cece who made the errors…forgetting this, and forgetting that….all the while saying  “Don’t worry, it will not make much difference!”
Anyway…..they got the sauce a cookin’ and then made the pie….then they started cooking the lasagne noodles and Oh MY!  There were oodles of noodles!    They had noodles coming out of their  ears.  They looked at each other …and tried to figure out what to do with all these noodles….hmmmm….neither could think of a thing…except to take a picture!
They had a happy day cooking up a storm and they will have even a better day eating all the goodies they made.  Here is a pic of the apple cranberry pie that they made!
Apples and cranberries in!
Finished pie.